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What does Joy2g offer?

Connect with your loved ones

Share laughter, tears, and excitement as you watch videos together in real time.

Seamless experience

Enjoy synchronized playback and a built-in chat feature for seamless interactions.

Unlimited possibilities

Watch anything from YouTube, TwitchTV, Dailymotion, or your own personal video collection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Joy2g website enables you to watch videos & movies together with friends in sync, while talking and texting.

Joy2g is completely free.

Joy2g supports content from YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, DailyMotion, TwitchTV .. and your own media files on Google Drive. We also constantly working to get other platforms integrated.

Yes, definitely! Joy2g has great integration with Spotify & YouTube, with these two platforms combined, Joy2g enables you to discover new music, relive old classics, and create unforgettable memories with enhanced music experience.

There are several websites that provide similar services, eg: Watch2gether(,,,, ...
Thank you for choosing us over other platforms to spend time with friends & family.

Thereโ€™s no limit to the number of people who can watch together with you, but we recommend to share your room to your loved ones for the best shared experience.

You can invite friends into Joy2g by sending them a link to the room you are in.

You can choose to follow people when watching together, there is also an invitation link that you can send to your friends, people signing up through your link will be connected with you in Joy2g.

A temporary watch together room will be deleted after 24 hours. You can create a personal room that is permanent after signing in.

With videos from platforms that do not support embedding (Netflix, Hulu, Max .. ) or big videos file from you computer. You can use our low latency screen share feature to enjoy watching together with your friends.
Joy2g has brought me closer to my friends and family, even though we're miles apart
I love being able to share my favorite videos with my loved ones and see their reactions in real time.
Joy2g is the perfect way to make online video viewing a more social and engaging experience.

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With Joy2g, you can easily enjoy watching videos with your friends with synchronized player and built-in chat.

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