Spread the Joy2g love and watch together!
We built Joy2g because we believe watching videos together is better than watching alone. We want to create a world where shared smiles and laughter fuel every viewing experience, and that's where you come in!

Help us grow the Joy2g community and connect even more people through the magic of shared video experiences!

Here are two ways you can be a Joy2g ambassador and spread the word:

1. Share your personal room:

  • Your personal room is your Joy2g haven!, it lasts forever. Pick a room name and add your favorites videos, invite your friends, and create watch parties for any occasion.
  • Now, share the link to your personal room on your social media profiles! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the possibilities are endless. Tell your friends and followers about the cool video watch parties they can join with you.
  • The more you share, the more you grow your own Joy2g family! Imagine all the epic movie nights, hilarious comedy marathons, and tear-jerking singalongs waiting to happen.
Joy2g Social Media Sharing
2. Invite friends with an invitation link:

  • Got a friend who loves watching videos as much as you do? Click the "Get Invitation Link" button and generate a unique link.
  • Share the link with your friend through any messenger app, email, or text message. Tell them why you love Joy2g and how it's changed the way you watch videos.
  • When your friend joins using your link, you both get connected! Bonus features, and maybe even some virtual confetti showers - your friendship just got upgraded with Joy2g magic.

With every share and every invite, you're helping us build a stronger, happier community where laughter echoes and friendship takes center stage. Spread the word, and let's get watching together!

** We thank you for your support and will try to return the favor in the near future! **